Custom Trucks

To place a request: go to the "Custom Order page" and send us information regarding quantity, art work or photos, and specifics as to lettering, year, or logo. Many past customers have selected one of our regular ornaments, and we have modified the design, to fit your specific needs. We prefer to work in the range of 24 to 300 pieces. We will reply back with a sketch of what can do, design wise, and with a price quote.

Standard Ornament Trucks

Standard School House

Corporate and large orders will only be accepted between January 1st and September 1st. We reserve the balance of the year for our Christmas retail shows, and web orders Our procedure is to make a drawing or sketch of the ornament, email a copy to you, and get any feedback. We will then make an ornament up with the design changes, if any, and send that picture for approval. When an order is placed, we will then make up a production sample, and mail it to you for approval. Once we have written approval, we will start production. We want you to be aware at all stages of the work.

To place a request, go to our custom order page and list the specifics you need: quantity, and if possible, send us a photograph via email. We will get back to you with a price quote, and delivery date.



Proudly made in Santa Barbara, CA with American Polymer Clay.
Canada, $2.00 additional, 1st Class International Mail
(per order)
Please allow minimum of 2 weeks for International Mail